Virtual Reality Simulation Environment

Virtual Reality Simulation of an exploratory rig platform environment.
Created for use to improve rig safety procedures.
All Assets have been textured by myself. The Leg lift and Underpass section were modelled by another Artist, whilst all the other assets were created by myself.

Simulation created using the HTC Vive, so a hand was required to pair up with the Vive Controller, so I experimented with Photogrammetry to great the glove from one of my protective gloves, and textured in substance to mimic the look of the safety gloves used by Rig workers.

Lighting, and Level building in engine were done by other Artists.

The marmoset viewer file is included to give a general idea of the Poly counts of the models. Each asset within the environment was created to be as optimal as possible, making use of various maps to add detail, to ensure performance remained at a comfortable level for use in VR. Various LODs were also created to maximise performance.

Stuart speirs 1
Stuart speirs 2
Stuart speirs 11
Stuart speirs 3
Stuart speirs 4
Stuart speirs 5
Stuart speirs 7
Stuart speirs 8
Stuart speirs 9
Stuart speirs 10
Stuart speirs 6
Stuart speirs gloverender

Player hand in game model

From Scan Data
Used Photogrammarty to capture the glove model. With texture created within Substance Painter.

Stuart speirs startarea render

Start Area Asset

Start Area Asset - Marmoset viewer

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00012

Asset Overview - Environment filler Assets

All shown assets were modelled and Textured by me.

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00013

Asset Overview - Environment Structural Assets

All shown assets were modelled and Textured by me.