Jedi Defender Bridge

Old Republic inspired bridge environment.
This is a recreation of the Jedi Defender cruiser from SWTOR, but with a more "next gen" look to it.
Took about a week, start to finish, and was a good platform for me to learn more about materials and lighting within the Unreal Engine.

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00000

Beauty Shot 01

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00004

Beauty Shot 02

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00005

Beauty Shot 03

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00006

Beauty Shot 04

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00001

AO Pass

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00002

Roughness Pass

Stuart speirs highresscreenshot00003

Mettalic Pass

Stuart speirs overall


Stuart speirs ca jedi ship01 800x450

Original Bioware Concept